Kathleen Lorenz for Normal Town Council
Based information gathered from visiting with Normal residents door-to-door during the month of February, Kathleen has assembled the following "Hot Topics" for our community, and her position on each of them: 


Biggest Challenge for Normal

With uncertainty in our economy, we must combine fiscally-sound decisions with calculated risk-taking to move our economic base into a stronger position.


More Than Just Uptown

Normal is more than just Uptown! The Town has five areas designated economic development districts: Uptown, North Normal/Radisson and North Main/ Kerrick Rd, One Normal Plaza, Uptown, Main/Osage. Uptown has had robust growth, but all areas are promoted to potential developers for investment.


Normal Debt 

Since 2015, debt has been reduced by $10 million by aggressive payments and refinancing. Debt payments hover between 5%-8% of our general fund revenues, below the financial industry’s accepted benchmark of 10%.



It’s like laundry - it’s never done! The Town makes roads an annual priority with $2 million - $3 million directed to road work. I support the study of new technology to build better roads and extend road-life.



Our approach must be balanced: we can’t just raise taxes and fees, nor can we simply cut our way to prosperity. We should invest public dollars wisely to grow our economic base, in order to positively impact our community and general fund.



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