Kathleen Lorenz for Normal Town Council

ENGAGED in the Community

I am committed to this community, as a 25-year resident of Normal. I regularly volunteered for my children's schools and activities, and continue to volunteer at church and for numerous community boards.

I am attentive and responsive to issues raised by the residents of Normal, and I avail myself to meet with residents and media.

I immerse myself in learning about the issues facing cities. I regularly attend educational events offered by McLean County Economic Development Council and Chamber of Commerce, and utilize state and national resources, such as National League of Cities and Illinois Municipal League, to further my understanding of current and future municipal issues. 

EXPERIENCED Public Servant


Special Olympics presentationI have all the enthusiasm of a newcomer, plus four years experience on Council, and a decade of service on the Zoning Board and Planning Commissions. I am ready to hit the ground running, in 2019!

Since being elected in 2015 to Council, I have been "in the trenches" at a time when our community has experienced some of its most dramatic changes in recent memory: closing of a manufacturing plant, major redeployment of our largest employer's workforce, and an unprecedented state budget impasse -- all of which had and continue to have implications for our town.  

The depth and breadth of knowledge I have gained from these events have given me a solid understanding of the issues facing Normal, Bloomington and McLean County. Along with other local and state leaders from our community, with whom I have developed good relations, I am prepared to navigate our challenges and provide steady leadership in somewhat unsteady times.

EFFECTIVE Council Member

Kathleen on the Town Council When I ran for Town Council in 2015, I pledged to carefully examine each issue and ask the necessary questions. I feel confident that I have delivered on that promise to the residents of Normal over the past four years.

Earning a bachelor's degree in Industrial Engineering from Purdue, and an MBA from ISU, I am naturally an analytical and critically-thinking person. I guarantee that I bring these skills to my work as a council member, on all issues and to all meetings.

I strive to look at issues from all sides, to raise concerns voiced to me by residents, and offer alternative perspectives where appropriate. I am confident that my voting record has shown that I carefully consider each and every vote, and that I am not afraid to cast a dissenting vote.

I have been described by others as being able to "disagree without being disagreeable", and that I can be "politely persistent" to get my point across. I am proud of those descriptions, and believe that these are the traits that make me an effective council member.




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